Friday, April 30, 2010

Internet Download Manager (IDM)

This is the worst piece of software I have ever seen!!! Don't use it if you can. The trial period is 30 days. After that a message pops up every time you try to download anything from the Internet. Here is that annoying message:

Internet Download Manager has not been registered for 30 days. Trial period is over and IDM is exiting...

I think the programmers should have better sense and write a more friendly note like this...

Your Internet Download Manager has expired. TQ for trying. You now have 2 choices - 1) To purchase IDM & register its use, or 2) To uninstall IDM and continue as before.

To uninstall IDM, go to Control Panel and uninstall. Reboot.

Option 2 gives a lot of hope...and peace of mind.


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